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I specialize in emails, enewsletters, banners, and landing pages with a focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In today's marketing landscape, that often means adapting a personalized approach to show that you understand your customer and his or her goals, interests, and priorities. When used effectively, this kind of messaging strategy can cultivate strong brand loyalty and patronage.


Click on each of the images below to review the full project. Samples from other clients are also available, but must be shared privately. Please contact me for details.

Amex Travel eNewsletter

Amex Travel eNewsletter

Customization is an effective way to stand out in an ocean of bland, generic marketing emails. This monthly email can be customized to reflect an individual's name, geographic location, and past travels and interests, as well as trending destinations. Success is measured by opens, as well as click-throughs to the Amex Travel website.

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By Invitation Only Email

To ensure retention, high-end card holders need to feel that their membership brings value to their lives and is worth the often hefty annual fee. This quarterly email promoting exclusive access to once-in-a-lifetime events was sent to American Express Platinum and Centurion Card Members.

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Account Security Email

The client's goal here was to remind all American Express Card Members of simple things they could to help protect their accounts from fraud. It featured useful, customized information, such as the last time they changed their passwords.

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Hilton Honors Card Email

This email was sent to Hilton Honors Card Members who had their Cards for 60 days or more, but still hadn't used them. By reminding them about points-earning opportunities they were missing out on, the hope was that they would begin making purchases. There were three versions of this email, customized to reflect the three tiers of Hilton Honors Cards.

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Apple Pay Email

This email, co-branded with Apple, offered an incentive to encourage Card Members to add their American Express card information to the Apple Pay app on their iPhones and to use it to make everyday purchases. For a limited window, each time they used Apple Pay, they earned Membership Rewards points. They also received a mid-campaign reminder email, letting them know how many points they could still earn.

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American Express Year-End Summary

Here's a classic example of benefit reinforcement. Most American Express Card Members rely on their year-end card summaries to help them prepare their taxes. This annual email lets Card Members know when their summaries are ready and also informs them of new online tools they can use for tax season and beyond.

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Amex Canada Email

Using international consumer language and guidelines, we crafted this email to encourage Canadian Card Members who were experiencing a "life event" (wedding, college, a new home, or baby) of a low promotional interest rate available to them.

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Plenti Points Promotion

Plenti is a shopping loyalty program where members can earn points and use them at various merchants including Exxon Mobil and Macy's. This weekly email featured a mystery bonus points promotion that members could earn when they spent $100 at participating online retailers.

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Plenti Local Dining Email

This monthly email went out to Plenti members, promoting a dining program that offered an additional way to earn Plenti points. There were three versions of the email: One to people who had never used the program, one to people who had linked their payment cards to the program but had never used it, and one to people who were regular diners.

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Consumer Reports Holiday Subscription Email

Consumer Reports does an annual gift membership drive around the holidays. They'd used the same creative approach for years, with reliable results. We persuaded them to do a test with their "old standby," and this new, fun approach that talked about the different kinds of people who would find a subscription to Consumer Reports useful.


I had the pleasure of working with Sherry for over 3 years. As a copywriter, Sherry brings solid marketing chops and a clever style. As a colleague, she brings a big smile, great attitude, and a quick wit.

Luke Daigle
Principal, Executive Creative Director, The Sandbox Agency

Need a technicolor, razor-sharp, modern voice for your brand? How about a partner with an uncanny commitment to the work, the client and the team? Sherry is a rare breed of Creative with keen instincts, smart questions, fresh ideas, and enthusiasm to spare. She digs in, makes it personal, and delivers copy that makes an impact. I'm profoundly lucky to have had the opportunity to partner with and learn from this force of nature.

Michelle Duda
Creative Director,
The Sandbox Agency

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